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Industry Display technology
Founded 1992
Headquarters Kiev Ukraine
Products LED displays, image processing equipment and software
Slogan Ahead of the Future
Website http://www.ekta.ua http://www.ekta-led.com http://www.ektarent.com

ЕКТА is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of LED video screens and business solutions based on LED technology in Eastern Europe. EKTA was founded in January 19, 1992 by a group of engineers with experience in business video equipment development. EKTA's high-tech LED-screen manufacturing facility EKTA-PROM is located in Zhytomyr (Ukraine). The central office of the managing company is located in Kiev. EKTA Vision GmbH located in Germany and is a foreign representation of EKTA.

Up to date among EKTA’s partners are: audio- and video distributor and integrator OPTIVISION; outdoor and indoor video-advertisement agency VideoTime as well as companies renting out EKTA-manufactured video screens - ЕКТАRENT (Ukraine), UTRAM (France), ПЛАЗМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ (Russia), EVENTECH (Estonia), Videoforce (Sweden), COMPELIA (Norway).

As stated on company’s official web page, EKTA’s mission is to achieve leadership in the field of visual technologies through innovations in business processes, technology, products, and recognizing the uniqueness of every employee.

The best components and materials from world-leading manufacturers guarantee an uncompromising quality of EKTA LED products.

EKTA has done screen installations in Japan, Germany, Italy, England, Austria, Canada, Kuwait, UAE, South Korea, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Hong Kong (China), France, Norway, Switzerland. EKTA Led screens are installed in the session hall of the Ukrainian Parliament,[1] Kiev Palace of Sports [2][3] and on the façade of the biggest shopping mall in Ukraine Ocean Plaza located in Kiev.

Products and services[edit]

Displays for 3D video and graphics broadcast

  • 3D entertainment
  • 3D sport
  • 3D presentations
  • 3D museums

Digital out of home media

  • Digital billboards
  • "CityLED" video street posters
  • Video signs
  • Indoor advertising
  • Media facades

Show business and events

  • Rental solutions
  • Displays for concert halls
  • Stage backdrops
  • Truck-based displays
  • "WOWstrip" clustered LED strips
  • "WOWFloor" interactive LED floors


  • Large displays
  • Perimeter boards
  • Video cubes
  • Sponsor displays
  • Scoreboards

Shopping Malls and Retail

  • Outdoor displays
  • Indoor advertising
  • Video signs
  • Media facades


  • LED displays for TV studios

Passenger terminals

  • Information and advertising boards

Roadway and traffic systems

  • Road signs (DMS)
  • Information boards (VMS)

Entertainment and leisure

  • Advertising displays
  • Creative interior

Corporate and finance sectors

  • Corporate displays
  • Media facades

Architecture and design

  • Media facades
  • Creative interior
  • LED displays

Non-standard projects integration

  • Creating equipment and circuit structure
  • Content adaptation for similar projects
  • Providing hardware compatibility

System integration

  • Building signage networks
  • Providing visual and audio systems in sales locations, financial institutions, hotels and conference halls

Video advertising

  • Commercials production. Placement on outdoor displays and in the major Ukrainian shopping malls video networks

Trade mark[edit]


History of the name[edit]

The name EKTA is composed of the first parts of words "screens" (экраны) and "board" (табло). Initially, the company's name was written in Russian as “ЭКТА” and in the company logo the Ukrainian version “EKTA” was used. However in 2003, the logo was changed and the official name EKTA was approved. Thus only Latin symbols are left in the name of the company.

Company’s history[edit]

The company was founded in 1992.

In 1995 EKTA became a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of large plasma screens and displays. In 1995 EKTA started in the rental business, providing plasma video-walls of its own production for concert staging.

In 1996 Italian rental companies started to use EKTA plasma video-panels.

Since 1999 EKTA has been a provider of visual display equipment in specialized niches and applications throughout the CIS (including voting systems).

In 2000 the Media Garden EXPO 2000 project was completed in Hannover for the national Germany pavilion. In the same year EKTA developed the first model of large LED screens.

In 2004 EKTA production introduced the ideology of Total quality management (TQM).

In 2005 EKTA began building a new plant for LED screen production.

In 2006 a quality management system certification was implemented in EKTA in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000. In addition, that same year EKTA became a member of the top-5 largest screen manufacturers in Europe using the LED world leader - Nichia Corporation and set up its agency in German – EKTA Vision Gmbh Company.

In 2007-2008 new LED products were introduced into development: strips that allow building semi-transparent video-screens, and also screens for indoor usage with enhanced contrast.

In 2008 EKTA opened its representative office in the United Arab Emirates - EKTA Middle East.

In 2009, the company joined the International Association of Audiovisual Systems Integrators InfoComm International. Today EKTA is the only Ukrainian member of this international association.[4]

In 2009-2011 a range of products were launched into the market. Those are LED video-floor for show-business, LED road signs and boards for the road sector, and LED-solutions for digital signage.

In 2010 EKTA launched large LED screens operating in 3D format, and in 2011 realization of commercial projects using 3D technology was started.


EKTA-manufactured LED video screen, installed in VIP club hall of Gothenburg (Sweden) for live broadcasting of the final match in the UEFA Champions League on 28 May 2011, has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest 3D LED TV in the world.[5][6][7] The screen was introduced on the 28th of May 2011 in Gothenburg (Sweden).[8] The record states a diagonal of 7.11 m. The screen measuring 6,192 х 3,483 m was assembled from LED modules of iLVM 6C-B model, each module measuring 0.387 х 0.387 mm and being 86 mm deep. A 3D signal was transmitted on the screen through a tuner from Viasat Sport 3D satellite channel. Apart from this a 2D signal from the tuner and a 3D signal from a computer were also transmitted on the screen. All the signals were received through HDMI 1280 x 720 by EKTA-manufactured ERMAC control system. The screen resolution was 1024 х 576 pixels.

EKTA holding structure[edit]

ЕКТА managing company[edit]

The central office of the EKTA managing company is located in Kiev (Ukraine). A range of LED equipment is presented in the central office show-room.

Led-screens production plant EKTA-PROM[edit]

All products under the EKTA brand name are produced at the company's plant that is located in Zhytomyr (Ukraine), 130 km (81 mi) from Kiev. The plant is equipped fitted with the up-to-date equipment which enables assembly of LED-walls of different models.

EKTA’s German representation EKTA Vision GmbH[edit]

EKTA Vision GmbH specializes in selling LED video screens in Germany and other countries of Western Europe as well as in providing LED video screens’ maintenance services for the companies owning EKTA equipment.


EKTARENT company[edit]

EKTArent company provides video screen equipment for events that require information visualization, such as concerts, festivals, beauty contests, promotions, exhibitions, talk shows, social and political actions, conferences and sporting events, etc. There are 15 models of LED-screens in the EKTArent company rental park. This is the biggest LED equipment rental park in Eastern Europe, which makes it possible to hold up to 30 events simultaneously.[9] EKTA specialists carry out technical support of the events (selection of appropriate screen models, creating and processing content, delivery, installation, setup and dismantling of equipment and footage broadcast) as well as provide services of video design and creation of video content for show business projects.

EKTARENT service was used by Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Madonna, Nelly Furtado, Scorpions, Metallica, Queen and the Eurovision international song contests when they were held in Kiev and Moscow. Among EKTA's regular customers (of theEKTArent company) are the following Ukrainian TV channels: Inter, 1+1, ICTV, Novy Channel, STB, Ukraine. EKTA equipment was used for the following TV-shows: Stars factory, 95 Kvartal, The X Factor, Shuster-live, Ukraine's Got Talent, Person of the Year and others. Also EKTA is a regular supplier of equipment for sporting organizations such as the Dynamo and Shakhtar Football clubs, the Ukraine national football team, Sergiy Bubka club, National Federation of Gymnastics, Tennis Federation of Ukraine and "Powerful Games".

The group of companies «Плазменные технологии»[edit]

EKTA's partner in Russia.


EKTA's partner in Baltic and Scandinavian countries.


EKTA’s partner in France.


EKTA’s partner in Sweden.


EKTA’s partner in Norway.

OptiVision company[edit]

OptiVision company is an audio- and visual integrator. It performs signage video networks construction, broadcast channels creation and formatting, installation of LED displays and other elements of digital signage.

VideoTime advertising agency[edit]

VideoTime is a structural unit of EKTA, the holding which is engaged in manufacturing and placing video-advertising materials on large LED screens throughout Ukraine, as well as internal signage networks in retail and entertainment centers.


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