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The European Payments Council Quick Response Code guidelines define the content of a QR code that can be used to initiate SEPA credit transfer (SCT). It contains all the necessary information in clear text. These QR code guidelines are used on many invoices and payment requests in the countries that support it (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands) enabling tens of millions to pay without requiring manual input leading to lower error rates.

The EPC guidelines[1] are available from the EPC itself. Another version[2] has also been published by the Federation of Finnish Finance Services (FFI).

EPC QR code sample
EPC QR code to pay 1 € to the Belgian Red Cross
EPC QR code to pay 1 € to the Austrian Red Cross

Sample content[edit]

Service Tag: BCD
Version: 001
Character set: 1
Identification: SCT
Name: Red Cross of Belgium
IBAN: BE72000000001616
Amount: EUR1
Reference: Urgency fund
Information: Sample QR code


In the course of 2012, Stuzza defined the content of a QR code that could be used to initiate money transfers within the Single Euro Payments Area.

In February 2013, the European Payments Council (EPC) published the document 'Quick Response Code: Guidelines to Enable Data Capture for the Initiation of a Credit Transfer'. [3]

These guidelines were quickly adopted by the Austrian banks. These QR code can be recognized thanks to the words "Zahlen mit code" on the right.[4]

These guidelines were later on used in Finland (2015[5]), Germany (2015[6]), the Netherlands (2016[7]) and Belgium (2016[7]).


Various generators are available online to generate the QR code following the EPC guidelines:

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