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Esig product logo.png
Developer(s)Interactive Data Corporation
Stable release
ver. 12.1 / April 14, 2015
Operating systemWindows
TypeTechnical analysis program

eSignal,[1] a Windows-based application, uses JavaScript as the basis for the scripting language that programmers and traders can use for building custom indicators. This, in effect, includes eSignal users in the base from which to draw programmers for writing indicators.


eSignal[2] provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. The other products offered under the eSignal brand include eSignal, Advanced GET, eSignal OnDemand,[3]

eSignal, Advanced GET,[4][5] couples eSignal’s market data, back testing and trading strategy tools with a proprietary set of indicators, including the Elliott Oscillator, eXpert Trend Locator and False Bar Stochastic. Its rules-based set-ups include the signature Advanced GET Type 1 and 2 trades.



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