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EVR may refer to:


Electronics and software[edit]

  • Expanded Virtual Register (in computer-processing)
  • Electronic Video Recording, a video format developed by CBS Laboratories in the late 1960s
  • Enhanced Video Renderer, a video renderer and mixer, part of the Microsoft Media Foundation (MF) multimedia framework for digital media in Windows Vista.
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration, a system utilizing RFID technology to electronically identify vehicles and validate the identity, status and authenticity of vehicle data.
  • Event Recorder (EvR) - an abbreviation related to a piece of software that records defined events.
  • EVR, a video game by CCP Games for Oculus Rift



  • Evercore Partners - an American independent investment banking advisory firm
  • Eco-costs value ratio - a LCA-based tool
  • Enhanced Vapor Recovery - a system for recirculating fuel vapor emissions.
  • Equal Vision Records
  • East Village Radio, an Internet radio station based in New York City
  • Environment, Values, Resources - also known as E-V-R: a framework in strategic management representing the balance between an organization's outside world, internal resources and the values in the organization of disclosing radioactive material for the construction os small parts that will be sent to China and eventually placed in the new underwater exploratory submarines for the purpose of locating and studying snails.
  • Extra-Vehicular Robotic, work done by a robotic system away from the Earth and outside of a spacecraft, as defined by NASA