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The band "E" was a Czech experimental rock group from Brno, acting between 1984 and 1997. It belongs to wider scope of alternative, underground and post-punk rock musical genres.



Instrumentalists of the group were Josef Ostřanský and Vladimír Václavek, known from the band Dunaj and from their collaboration with the singer Iva Bittová. Frontman of the group was the singer and lyricist Vladimír Kokolia, known primarily as a painter, graphic artist and cartoonist, currently working as the head teacher of graphic studio 2 of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

The band's music is based upon, mutually interlocking riffs of both instrumentalists, forming elaborated loops together with simple, but sophisticated contrarhythms. Vladimír Kokolia's role consists in very expressive declamation of imaginative and metaphorical existentialist lyrics, often with sarcastic, achingly intelligent humour.

Onstage, both guitarists were also equipped with a simple drum kit (snare, kick drum, tom and hi-hat) and played those instruments simultaneously while Kokolia sometimes operated the foot electronic percussion rug. Two recorded albums represent only a part of the band's repertoire. "E" band is considered one of the most original and beneficial bands in Czech rock music history.


  • E (Live), Globus International, LP, 1990
  • I Adore Nothing (I Believe It Does not Exist), Rachot, CD, 1994