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Earl Merkel (born 1955) is an American novelist, journalist and freelance writer, and radio talk show host for Money & More. He worked as a talk show host for nine years.[1] His works have appeared in a variety of general-circulation, speciality and corporate publications.


Merkel currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.[1]


He is the author of several novels, which include:

  • FIRE OF THE PROPHET (Diversion Books, New York) - A Barnes and Nobel "Nook First" National Selection
  • FINAL EPIDEMIC (PenguinPutnam /NAL)
  • DIRTY FIRE (PenguinPutnam /NAL)- a Barnes & Noble national bestseller
  • "Chicken Little" op-ed column, which got him banned from the op-ed page of a major American newspaper
  • Virgins And Martyrs ("E L Merkel")[1]


Merkel worked over 10 years as a journalist, columnist, and commentator but is now a full-time novelist. He also writes for a number of publications.[1]


Merkel obtained his B.A. in Journalism from the University of Illinois.[1]


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