Earle Gorton Linsley

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Earle Gorton Linsley (born May 1, 1910, in Oakland, California – died March 8, 2000) was an American entomologist.[1]

In study at the University of California, Berkeley Linsley gained a Bachelor of Science in 1932, a Master of Science in 1933, and Doctorate in 1938.[1]

Linsley was a world-renowned expert in on the Cerambycidae family of beetles.[2]

Linsley described species including:

  • Pleocoma bicolor
  • Pleocoma blaisdelli
  • Pleocoma carinata
  • Pleocoma crinita
  • Pleocoma dubitabilis
  • Pleocoma hirticollis
  • Pleocoma lucia
  • Pleocoma minor
  • Pleocoma nitida
  • Pleocoma sonomae
  • Pleocoma venturae
  • Pleocoma trifoliata
  • Tetropium pilosicorne

Pleocoma linsleyi was named in his honor.[2]