Early Morning Wake Up Call

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Early Morning Wake Up Call
Flash And The Pan - Early Morning Wake Up Call LP album cover.jpg
Studio album by Flash and the Pan
Released 1984
Label Epic
Flash and the Pan chronology
Early Morning Wake Up Call

Early Morning Wake Up Call was Flash and the Pan's 1984 album release and was produced by Vanda and Young themselves.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Early Morning Wake Up Call"
  2. "Communication Breakdown"
  3. "Barking at the Moon"
  4. "Downtown Too Long"
  5. "Opera Singers"
  6. "Midnight Man"
  7. "On the Road"
  8. "Look at That Woman Go"
  9. "Fat Night"
  10. "Believe in Yourself"

2012 reissue bonus track[edit]

  1. "Early Morning Wake Up Call (Instrumental version)"

The Hives version[edit]

Swedish rock band The Hives covered the title song in their 2010 EP "Tarred and Feathered."

The Onkel Kånkel version[edit]

Swedish artist Onkel Kånkel covered the song Midnight Man in his 1993 record Underbara Värld, renaming it to Pizza Man.