Earth Defense

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Earth Defense
The Earth Defend
Earth Defense Cover.jpg
Cover art of Earth Defense
Developer(s) AV Artisan
Publisher(s) Realtec
Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
2 player co-op

Earth Defense (aka: The Earth Defend) is an unlicensed game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis; it was developed by AV Artisan and published by Realtec in both North America and Taiwan, without a license from Sega.

The game cartridge and box shapes as well as quality in graphics and box art are identical to AV Artisan's previous titles Funny World & Balloon Boy and Whac-A-Critter, both published by Realtec. Earth Defense was also rare in that it was a simultaneous 2 player vertical scrolling shoot 'em up on the Genesis which primarily featured single player shoot 'em ups. The player takes on the role of a jet pilot assigned to liberate five world continents from a technologically advanced army.


Players had two different types of weapons to choose from during combat. A vulcan/spread shot weapon and a wave/beam shot weapon. Rather than possessing bomb-like items, the players had a shield item that made the ship temporarily invulnerable.


Stage 1: Brazil, South America

Stage 2: Washington, America

Stage 3: Siberia, Russia

Stage 4: China

Stage 5: Nigeria, Africa

Compatibility Issues[edit]

The game cannot be played through a Sega 32X. The game must be put directly into the Sega Genesis' cartridge slot. When the game is inserted into a Sega 32X, the RealTec logo will show up, but the Sega Genesis will keep resetting itself. The game will not run at all on the Majesco Sega Genesis 3.

Notes and references[edit]

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