East German general election, 1954

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Legislative elections were held in the German Democratic Republic on 17 October 1954. There were 466 deputies to the Volkskammer (66 from East Berlin who were not directly elected) in total. All were candidates of the single-list National Front. The list received the approval of 99.46% of voters, with turnout reported to be 98.5%.[1]


Party Votes %
National Front 11,828,877 99.46
Against 63,972 0.5
Invalid/blank votes
Total 11,892,849 100
Registered voters/turnout 12,085,380 98.5
Source: Nohlen & Stöver

Seat distribution[edit]

Party Seats
Socialist Unity Party of Germany 117
Free German Trade Union Federation 53
Christian Democratic Union 52
Liberal Democratic Party of Germany 52
National Democratic Party of Germany 52
Democratic Farmers' Party of Germany 52
Democratic Women's League of Germany 29
Free German Youth 29
Cultural Association of the DDR 18
Peasants Mutual Aid Association 12


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