East Rennell

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East Rennell
Dugout canoe Rennell.jpg
Canoe on Lake Te Nggano, East Rennell
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location Solomon Islands Edit this on Wikidata
Area 37,000 ha (4.0×109 sq ft) [1]
Criteria ix[2]
Reference 854
Coordinates 11°45′S 160°28′E / 11.750°S 160.467°E / -11.750; 160.467Coordinates: 11°45′S 160°28′E / 11.750°S 160.467°E / -11.750; 160.467
Inscription 1998 (22nd Session)
Endangered 2013– (2013–)[3]
East Rennell is located in Solomon Islands
East Rennell
Location of East Rennell

East Rennell is the southern portion of Rennell Island in the Solomon Islands which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2013, the World Heritage Committee added East Rennell to the List of World Heritage in Danger because of the threat of logging activities to the site's outstanding universal value.[4]

Rennell is the largest raised coral atoll in the world and the area in East Rennell surrounding Lake Tegano contains many endemic species.

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