Eat You Up

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"Eat You Up"
Single by BoA
from the album BoA
Released October 21, 2008
(see release history)
Format digital download
Recorded April 2008
Genre Dance, electropop, urban pop
Length 3:13
Label S.M. Entertainment USA
Writer(s) Remee, Thomas Troelsen
Producer(s) Henrik Jonback[1]
BoA singles chronology
"Vivid: Kissing You, Sparkling, Joyful Smile"
"Eat You Up"
"Eien/Universe/Believe in Love"
BoA track listing
"Look Who's Talking"
"Eat You Up"

"Eat You Up" is Korean singer BoA's first English single, produced by Henrik Jonback, from her English debut album BoA. This is BoA's first single to be released in a digital format. The song was originally set for release on October 14, 2008, but was then pushed back to October 21, 2008.[2] It is confirmed that there will be a remix of "Eat You Up," featuring rapper Flo Rida.[1] "Eat You Up" leaked on the internet via MySpace on October 2. "Eat You Up" was first released on Japanese radio stations Tokyo-FM and JFN 38 Station on October 16.[3]


"Eat You Up" was chosen as the lead single from BoA's English album BoA. The single was released online worldwide through digital distribution.

Music videos[edit]

Two music videos were filmed for "Eat You Up." There was plenty of speculation that the two versions were for two different markets (America and Asia). Fan criticisms of Version B (thought to be the U.S. version) was generally poor while Version A (thought to be the Asian version) was praised. On October 27, 2008 SM USA revealed that they plan on using both music videos to promote the single. SM USA also said they never intended to use Version A for Asia and Version B for America, as they only labeled the videos as Version A and B.[4] Version A premiered in Japan on Mega Hits on October 17, 2008.[5] Version A was directed by Cha Eun Taek in Japan, Korea, and the United States. Version B was directed by Diane Martel in Los Angeles, California, Version A and Version B was choreographed by Misha Gabriel and Flii Stylz respectively. The other background dancers are Nick Bass, Kenny Wormald and Trent Dickens.[6]

Version A[edit]

The music video starts with BoA turning on a radio which starts the beat. She then walks over to the mirror, pushes her hair back and she puts on her bracelets. BoA wears a hoodie as the first verse starts she walks out the front door and starts to dance with the two dancers that were waiting at her door. At the start of the second verse a girl is doing ballet in front a group of judges. When the chorus starts again BoA and her dancers breaks down the door and proceeds to dance in front of the judges. Due to the intensity of their dancing they make cracks in the floor and cause a picture to fall from where it once stood.

The scene switches when the bridge starts. BoA is dancing alone and then switches back and she is dancing by herself in the faces of the judges. When the chorus starts again things starts to explode such as a clock that was hanging from the wall, the male judge's glasses and books start to fall from the bookcase. When BoA starts to sing I wanna take you to my room, a glass cup and the window explode. As the chorus ends most of the remaining windows break, the chandelier falls and a fire starts, which turn on the sprinklers. The video ends with BoA and her dancers leaving (as they leave BoA and Eat You Up are displayed), and the room is left in destruction.

An alternate version was released online. In the alternate version there are different camera angles, more of BoA dancing solo, and throughout the video there are extra shots of BoA sitting in a chair. The digital effects are not present in the video.

Version B[edit]

The music video starts with BoA standing in front of a window in a high-rise building, showing closeups of her in while the scene progresses. The verse starts with her and backup dancers dancing on a deserted planet during the nighttime with intercut scenes of her singing in the high-rise building. There are scenes of her with wind-blown hair interspersed through the video with a light blue background. The second verse shows her singing to the male lead interest. It also shows her singing the second verse in a snow globe setting.

She sings the bridge while dancing on the planet with her dancers with closeup scenes of her as well as a clip of the sun rising. The final chorus shows BoA dancing by herself with a wall of graffiti behind her as well as the deserted planet during the daytime as it is becoming more violent with winds blowing about. The video ends with her name BoA being displayed as well as the title of the song "Eat You Up."

Track list[edit]

Digital single

  1. Eat You Up - 3:13

U.S. promotional single

  1. "Eat You Up" DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Radio Edit - 3:38
  2. "Eat You Up" DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Club Mix - 7:29
  3. "Eat You Up" DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Dub - 6:39
  4. "Eat You Up" DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Instrumental - 7:27
  5. "Eat You Up" King Britt Main Remix - 6:22
  6. "Eat You Up" King Britt Main Radio Mix - 3.04
  7. "Eat You Up" King Britt Remix Instrumental - 6:22
  8. "Eat You Up" King Britt BG Vocal Mix - 6:19

Official Remixes[edit]

  • DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Radio Edit - 3:38
  • DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Club Mix - 7:29
  • DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Instrumental - 7:27
  • DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Dub - 6:39
  • King Britt Main Remix - 6:22
  • King Britt Main Radio Mix - 3.04
  • King Britt Remix Instrumental - 6:22
  • King Britt BG Vocal Mix - 6:19
  • DJ Montay Remix featuring Flo Rida - 3:39

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format
Europe October 22, 2008 SM Entertainment USA Digital Download
Japan October 16, 2008 Avex Trax Radio
October 22, 2008 Avex Trax Digital Download
Korea October 22, 2008 SM Entertainment Digital Download
Oceania October 22, 2008 SM Entertainment USA Digital Download
United Kingdom October 22, 2008 SM Entertainment USA Digital Download
United States October 21, 2008 SM Entertainment USA Digital Download

Chart performance[edit]

"Eat You Up" was released online through various websites. The single has been very successful online, despite the lack of promotion.[7][8][9][10] The single was ranked number-one for the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart Breakout Club Play.[11] "Eat You Up" officially made its debut the following week on the chart at number forty-two.[11] Since then "Eat You Up" entered the Top 10, peaking at #8.


Chart (2008) Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play[12] 8



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