Ebba Grön (album)

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Ebba Grön
Studio album by Ebba Grön
Released 1982
Recorded 1982
Genre Punk
Length 36:19
Label Mistlur
Producer Ebba Grön, Tony Thorén, Stefan Glaumann
Ebba Grön chronology
Kärlek & Uppror
Ebba Grön

Ebba Grön is the title of the Swedish punk band Ebba Grön's third and last album, first released 1982. The album includes the popular song Die Mauer, which is about two lovers separated by the Berlin Wall.

Track listing[edit]

All song written by Ebba Grön

  1. "Flyktsoda" (Escapesoda)
  2. "Uppgång & Fall" (Rise and fall)
  3. "Heroinister & Kontorister" (Heroin lards and clerks)
  4. "Stopp!" (Stop!)
  5. "Die Mauer"
  6. "Musketör" (Musketeer)
  7. "Het choklad" (Hot Chocolate)
  8. "Handgranat...ge sig totalt" (Handgrenade...total surrender)
  9. "Kärlek e stark" (Love is strong)
  10. "Tittar på tv" (Watching tv)