Ebene CyberCity

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Ebene Cybercity
Ebene Cybercity at dusk
Ebene Cybertower 2 BPML Business Park in Ebene
Ebene Cybercity
Ebene Cybercity is located in Mauritius
Ebene Cybercity
Ebene Cybercity
Location on Mauritius
Coordinates: 20°14′35″S 57°29′30″E / 20.24306°S 57.49167°E / -20.24306; 57.49167Coordinates: 20°14′35″S 57°29′30″E / 20.24306°S 57.49167°E / -20.24306; 57.49167
Country Mauritius Mauritius
Districts Plaines Wilhems
City November, 2001
Highest elevation 273 m (896 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 1,001
Time zone MUT (UTC+4)
Post Code 72201
Airport Plaisance Airport (distanced approximately 29 km)

Ebene is a suburb on the island nation of Mauritius, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of the capital, Port Louis. Construction began in November, 2001, with the suburb being promoted as a new information technology hub for Mauritius and as a link between African and Asian markets. As a result, it is also referred to as Ebene Cybercity or Cybercity.

It is a cluster of modern skyscrapers from afar.[1] Both an urban planning disaster and – for many proud Mauritians – the very definition of modern office life, Cybercity was first proposed by the government in 2001 as a high-tech hub, and now houses almost 25,000 mostly educated, middle-class workers during the week. While the development can be criticised for a shocking lack of cohesiveness, poor public transport, limited parking or even difficult access by foot, its creation did bring many aspects of modern connected life to Mauritian workers.[2] At the foot of the buildings, employees, who have travelled far from home, struggle to find parking spaces and walk on roads with no pavements to buy their lunch from hawkers.

Ebene cyber tower[edit]

Ebene Highway

The Ebene cyber tower one is a 12-storey, 72-metre-tall commercial building located in Ebene Cybercity. The blue glass and grey stone building has been awarded the “Intelligent Building of the Year” by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), USA in 2005. The IBMS (Integrated Building Management System) for this building was conceived and implemented by Race Technologies, a company based in Chennai, India.

The reinforced concrete tower, which was completed in a period of only 18 months, is a fully air-conditioned building with a surface area of 42,275 square metres. Situated in a residential zone and at about 10 kilometres south of Port Louis, the country's capital, the Ebene Cyber Tower One is part of a plan by the Government of Mauritius to develop information and communications technologies as a fifth pillar of the nation’s economy.

India's prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh inaugurated the Ebene cyber tower one on April 1, 2005. Nearby, construction of Cyber tower two has already ended and the latter should include very modern features just like Cyber tower one. Ebene cyber tower hosts the AFRINIC, the internet registry for Africa.


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