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Eber Landau (November 8, 1878 – October 30, 1959) was a Baltic German-Swiss anatomist and histologist, born in Rēzekne, Latvia.

He studied medicine at the University of Dorpat, graduating in 1902. Later, he continued his education with studies in anatomy and histology in the laboratory of histology at Munich (1903) and at St. Petersburg as an assistant of Peter Lesgaft (1837–1909). From 1906 to 1912 he worked in Dorpat as a prosector-assistant in the anatomical institute directed by August Rauber (1841-1917). In 1913, he moved to the University of Bern as an associate professor, shortly afterwards relocating to Paris, where he conducted neurological research under the directorship of Joseph Jules Dejerine (1849-1917).

In 1918 he returned to Bern, where he spent several years working in the institute of anatomy. In 1923 Landau founded the department of histology and embryology at Kaunas University. Here he served as departmental head until 1932, afterwards relocating to the University of Lausanne, where he conducted investigations in the fields of brain anatomy, neurology and neurohistology.

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  • NCBI Eber Landau, the very first chief of Histology and Embryology Department at the University of Lithuania