Eberhart F2G

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Eberhart XF2G
Role Fighter
National origin United States
Manufacturer Eberhart Aeroplane and Motor Company
First flight January 1928
Primary user United States
Number built 1
Developed from Eberhart FG

The Eberhart XF2G was an American single-seat experimental ship-borne fighter developed for the United States Navy in 1928. It was a refit of the Eberhart FG after the Navy returned it in late 1927.


The F2G was essentially an improved FG. It had a new system of floats, both central and side-on, as well as a new 400 hp (300 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1340-D engine.

Operational history[edit]

The XF2G-1 prototype was sent back to the Navy for testing at Anacostia in January 1928, but in March 1928 the plane crashed during trials.[1] No further production ensued.


General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 26 ft 3¾ in (8.02 m)
  • Wingspan: 32 ft 0 in (9.75 m)
  • Height: 9 ft 9¾ in (2.99 m)
  • Wing area: 241.26 ft2 (22.41 m2)
  • Gross weight: 3142 lb (1425 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-1340-D Wasp nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 400 hp (298 kW)


  • Maximum speed: 157 mph (253 km/h)

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