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Ebullition Records
Founded 1990
Founder Kent McClard
Genre Hardcore punk, post-hardcore, emo, anarcho-punk
Country of origin United States
Location Goleta, California
Official website www.ebullition.com

Ebullition Records is an American independent record label and distro based out of Goleta, California. It published HeartattaCk, a zine focusing on independent punk rock and hardcore punk from around the world, informed by an anti-consumerist and D.I.Y. ideology.


Kent McClard, a former Maximum RocknRoll columnist, founded Ebullition Records, in 1990.[1] Sonia Skindrud (writer of Exedra 'zine) and Brent Stephens (member of Downcast) contributed; Skindrud named the label, and Stephens drew the logo. The label is primarily run by McClard.

The Los Angeles youth crew hardcore band Inside Out was meant to record an LP as the first Ebullition release.[1] However, Revelation Records asked them to release a 7" instead, and the band chose the more established label. The record wasn't released for another year, after the band had broken up and reformed as Rage Against The Machine. Inside Out had planned a second record, to be titled "Rage Against the Machine", a phrase coined by McClard in the 'zine No Answers #9.[1] They never managed to finish this second release and singer Zack de La Rocha ended up using the phrase for the title of his next band.

Ebullition's first release was in late 1990. Kent had been doing the No Answers 'zine since 1983; the ninth issue came with the Downcast 7" (Ebullition #1). Ebullition released 3,000 copies. After those were sold, the 'zine and 7" became separate products.

Ebullition releases span a variety of styles of underground hardcore, including thrashcore, crust punk, post-hardcore and screamo.



001: Downcast, s/t 7"EP
002: Admiral, "Revolving and Loading" 7"EP
003: Downcast, s/t LP (version 1)
004: Various Artists, "Give Me Back" LP
005: Struggle, s/t 7"EP
006: Downcast, s/t LP (version 2)
007: Sawhorse, s/t 7"EP
008: Iconoclast, s/t 7"EP
009: Spitboy, "True Self Revealed" 7"EP
010: End of the Line, s/t 12"EP
011: Various Artists, "3/12/93" 7"EP
012: Manumission, "Binary Lung" 7"EP
013: Life... But How to Live It?, s/t 12"EP
013.5: Floodgate, "Trouble's A' Brewin'" LP
014: Iconoclast, "Groundlessness of Belief" 7"EP
015: Econochrist, "Skewed" 7"EP
015.5: Iconoclast, discography CD
016: Still Life, "From Angry Heads with Skyward Eyes" 2xLP/CD
016.5: Moss Icon, "It Disappears" LP
017: Struggle, s/t LP/"One Settler One Bullet" CD
018: Econochrist: "Trained to Serve" LP
019: Portraits of Past/Bleed, split 7"EP
020: Jara, s/t 7"EP
021: Various Artists, "Illiterate" LP
022: Spitboy. "Rasana" 7"EP
022.5: Failure Face, "All Pain No Gain" 7"EP
023: Fuel, "Monuments to Excess" LP
024: Various Artists, "XXX" 2xLP/CD
025: Los Crudos/Spitboy, split LP
025.5: Ice Nine/Gadje, split 7"EP
026: Amber Inn, "Serenity in Hand" 7"EP
027: Various Artists, "HeartattaCk #10" LP
028: Manrae, "Pacata Hibernia" 7"EP
028.5: Manumission, "Diego Rivera" 7"EP
029: Various Artists, "Amnesia" LP
030: Econochrist, "Another Victim" 7"EP
030.5: Julia, s/t LP
031: Ex-Ignota, "Lazarus is Back to Report Sunny Skies in Heaven" 7"EP
032: Portraits of Past, "0101010101" LP/CD
033: Seein' Red, "Marinus" 7"EP
033.5: Incurable Complaint, s/t 7"EP
034: Ivich, "La Vie Devant Soi" 10"EP
035: Monster X, "Attrition" 7"EP
035.5: Sawpit, s/t 7"EP
036: Bleed, "True Colors Running" 7"EP
037: Econochrist, discography 2xCD
038: Torches to Rome, s/t 12"EP
039: Amber Inn, "All Roads Lead Home" LP/CD
040: Born and Razed, "Holy Wars" LP
041: Submission Hold, "Waiting for Another Monkey to Throw the First Wrench" LP/CD
042: Bread and Circuits, s/t LP/CD
043 Yaphet Kotto, "the Killer was in the Government Blankets" LP/CD
044: Reversal of Man, "This is Medicine" LP/CD
045: Orchid - "Chaos Is Me" LP
046: Orchid - "Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!" 10"EP
047: Severed Head of State, s/t 7"EP/discography CD
048: Countdown to Putsch, Book and CD
049: Yaphet Kotto, "Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love" LP/CD
050: Submission Hold, "Sackcloth and Ashes the Ostrich Dies at Midnight" LP/CD
051: Orchid, Gatefold LP/CD
052: This Machine Kills, "Death in the Audobon Ballroom" LP/CD
053: Severed Head of State, "No Love Lost" 7"EP/CD
054: Policy of 3, discography 2xCD
055: Yage, "Anders Leben" LP/CD
056: Yaphet Kotto, "We Bury Our Dead Alive" LP/CD
057: Ampere, "All Our Tomorrows End Today" 10"EP/CD
058: Seein' Red, "We Need to Do more than Just Music" LP
059: Ampere/Sinaloa, split LP/CD
010000: Born Against/Suckerpunch split flexi


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