The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa (band)

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The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
Origin Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Years active 1990 (1990)–present

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa was a Czech alternative rock band, formed in 1990 by Jan Muchow, Jan Gregar, Petr Wegner and Irna Libowitz.[1] Early shoegaze influences included Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, and My Bloody Valentine.

The band released the EP Pigment in 1991. This album, along with 1992's Susurrate, featured a punky feedback-drenched psychedelic rock sound.[citation needed]

From there, the band moved into ambient and techno influenced soundscapes as evidenced by their 1993 album Free-D produced with Guy Fixsen.[citation needed] Free-D marked the end of the original line-up and something of a hiatus for the band releasing only the 1994 remix EP AstralaVista in the following six years.

1999's In Dust 3 featured Muchow and the actress Kateřina Winterová on 11 tracks of laptop-pop and post rock ambience. As opposed to the pastoral feel and dubby continuous mix of Free-D, this album consisted of pop songs voiced by actress-singer Winterová backed by the electro-acoustic soundscapes of Muchow. This downtempo sample-infused style was further pursued on 2003's Slowthinking album released with an accompanying Fastmoving/Slowthinking DVD featuring the single I'm (Not Really) Optimistic.[citation needed]

The Watching Black album came out in 2006, and in 2011, the band released the 101010 DVD, featuring a live performance recorded on 10 October 2010.

Line up[edit]


EOST releases (in chronological order):

  • Pigment e.p. (EP, 1991)
  • Susurrate (LP, 1992)
  • ...fluidtrance centauri... (EP, 1993)
  • Free-D (Original Soundtrack) (LP, 1994)
  • AstralaVista (EP, 1994)
  • In Dust 3 (LP, 1999)
  • Dumb It rmx's (EP, 2000)
  • 4B4 (4x LP compilation, 2001)
  • I'm (Not Really) Optimistic (EP, 2002)
  • Slowthinking (LP, 2002)
  • Local Distortion (EP, 2003)
  • Fastmoving / Slowthinking (DVD, 2003)
  • Happy R (EP, 2003)
  • Thirteen Years In Noises (LP, 2004)
  • It (EP, 2005)
  • Watching Black, White Looking (Single, 2006)
  • Watching Black (LP, 2006)
  • 101010 (DVD, 2011)


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