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Ed Case
Birth nameEdwin Makromallis
GenresUK garage, jungle (early)
LabelsRed Rose, Columbia, Killer Instinct

Edwin Makromallis, also known as Ed Case, is a London-based musician, producer, songwriter, and DJ.

Early life[edit]

Edwin Makromallis' musical talent was evident at a young age. He achieved 'merits' and 'distinctions' up to grade 5 with the piano. At 15, he took part in a work placement opportunity at a recording studio, where he learnt the techniques of audio production.

Career beginnings[edit]

Ed Case began his music career in the illegal rave scene of the late 1980s.[1] This was followed by a stint working in hardcore and drum & bass clubs.[1] Case however made his name in the UK garage scene of the late 1990s.[1] He hosted a show on pirate radio, Freek FM.[1] He released a string of underground hits, including "Something in Your Eyes"[1] featuring Shelley Nelson,[2] which peaked at 38 in the UK top 40.[2][3] This track represented a dual turning point, since it was the first time Case had had a track chart,[2] and prior, Case had only used vocal samples, and it was the first time he had worked with a live vocalist in his studio.[2]

Ed Case achieved a greater level of mainstream pop fame with his remix of Gorillaz' "Clint Eastwood".[2] He selected that track to remix because the original was 'quite slow', and he thought that his best contribution could be made in the form of a more energetic version, featuring MC Sweetie Irie.[2]

State Unknown[edit]

Ed Case linked up with Dan Genal in early 2013 to form State Unknown.[4] They have performed DJ sets around the world, playing 'underground bass-driven tracks'.[4]

Film industry career[edit]

Makromallis is currently pursuing a career involving producing scores for film, television and advertising.[5]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details
Ed's Guest List

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • "Untitled" (1994), Red Face Records
  • "Ed's Venture" (1994), Red Face Records
  • "Flowin Through" (with Jonnie P) (1998), Imperial Records
  • Da Vibes EP - Donna Cousins & Ed Case (1998), Thirst Records
  • "Take Control" (1998), Street Players
  • "Something in Your Eyes" (1999/2000), Unit Five Records/Red Rose Recordings - UK #38[6]
  • "Fly By Girl" (feat. Reagan) (2000), 4most Records/Utmost Records
  • "When I'm with You" (feat. Valerie M) (2000), FTL
  • "It's Love" (2000), Sureshot Recordings
  • "Trust We" (2000), Middlerow Records
  • "Who?" (with Sweetie Irie) (2001), Columbia - UK #29[6]
  • "When I Roll" (2001), Killer Instinct
  • "Blazin'" (2002), Killer Instinct
  • "Scandalous" (2002), Bigger Beat Records
  • "Good Times" (feat. Skin) (2002), Killer Instinct/Columbia - UK #49[6]
  • "Dun Know We / Hold It Up" (feat. N.S.A) (2002), Killer Instinct
  • "Blazin (The Remixes)" (2005), Love 2 Funk
  • "No More" (2005), Killer Instinct
  • "Back on the Case" (2005), Love 2 Funk
  • The Full Throttle EP (2006), Quality Control
  • "Holding On" - (DJ Sparks & Ed Case feat. Louise (2006), Quality Control
  • "All I Wanna Do" (feat. Oggie) (2007), Quality Control
  • "River of Love" (with Shelley Nelson) (2008), Quality Control
  • "Past Love" (2016), M.I. Raw
As Ed Case & Carl H
  • Steppas EP (1998), Thirst Records
  • The Deep EP (1998), Middlerow Records
  • "Carnival Blues / Sound Boy" (feat. Spee) (1998), Middlerow Records
  • The Live EP (1998), Middlerow Records
  • "Hard on Me / Milo's Tune" (1998), Middlerow Records
  • "I am Here" (feat. Frankie Paul) (1999), Ultimate Beats
  • "I Wanna Be the One" (2000)


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