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Edderkoppen Theatre

The Edderkoppen Theatre (meaning Spider Theatre) is a theatre located at St. Olav's place in Oslo, Norway.

From 1967 to 2003 it was called the ABC theatre. The theatre is known for varied entertainment, ranging from comedy to musical shows.


The theatre premiered on 3 September 1942 at a different venue. It turned out that the theater auditorium was too small, and in 1945 moved to St. Olav's place. Einar Schanke took over the premises in 1967, and the theater changed its name to the ABC theater.[1] The theater, however, retained its traditions under Schanke's management. In 1992 Schanke died, and Tom Sterri, Ketil Aamodt and Anders Moland took over.

In 1999 the theatre was destroyed by a powerful explosion.[2] A real estate company that owned a nearby hotel purchased the property. The company committed itself at the same time to rebuild the theatre. In autumn 2003, reconstruction had finished, and the theatre was renamed to its original name, Edderkoppen.[1] The new building has 600 seats and offers entertainment, dining and accommodation all in the same building.[2] It is also a popular venue for conferences, events, etc. Knud Dahl is the current executive director of the theatre.

Productions: 2003-2008[edit]


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