Eddie og Suzanne

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Eddie og Suzanne
Directed by Arild Kristo
Written by Arild Kristo
Starring Sverre Horge
Yvonne Sparrbåge
Release date
11 September 1975
Running time
89 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Eddie og Suzanne (English: Eddie og Suzanne) is a 1975 Norwegian drama film written and directed by Arild Kristo, starring Sverre Horge and Yvonne Sparrbåge. The film, a road movie inspired by such films as Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider, has been called a "modernist classic" of Norwegian cinema.[1]

Eddie (Horge) is a young Norwegian man who has recently been released from prison, and moves to Sweden to start a new life. At a disco, he meets Suzanne (Sparrbåge) and the two fall in love. Suzanne's father, however, is a tyrannical policeman who tries to put an end to the relationship, so the two elope to France.


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