Eden (Australian band)

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Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Neoclassical Dark Wave, gothic rock, Dreampop, Neo-Psychedelia
Years active 1987–2017
Labels Elysium, Third Mind, Projekt
Associated acts Cocteau Twins, School of Seven Bells, And Also the Trees, Joy Division, Rowland S. Howard, Wire
Website Official Website
Members Sean Bowley
Andrew Kutzer
Matthew Sigley
Past members Peter Barrett
Pieter Bourke
Ross Healy
Paul Machlis
Ewan McArthur
Stephen Wattie

Eden is a Dark Wave band that was formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1987, by Sean Bowley, Pieter Bourke and Ross Healy.


Eden's first gig was at the Baden Powell Hotel, Prahran, they soon performed at other pubs in Melbourne's alternative music scene.[1] In 1989 they issued their debut five-track extended play, The Light Between Worlds, on the Scottish label Nightshift Records. The lead track, "Shallow Mists", was co-written by Bourke, Bowley and Healy.[2] They released a single, "Searching for Angels Hands", which broadened their audience by a performance on national pop music TV series, Countdown Revolution. The single was also co-written by Bourke, Bowley and Healy.[3]

In 1990 Eden released a full-length studio album, Gateway to the Mysteries, on the English label Third Mind Records and in Australia on Elysium Records via Shock Records.[4][5] Its sixth track, "Spectral Pleasures", was co-written by Bourke and Bowley,[6] and was dedicated to the memory of Valerie Mary Bourke.[4] Bourke's last recorded output with Eden was a six-track EP, Healingbow, released in 1993 on Projekt Records. Later that year Bourke left the group.[1]

Drummer Peter Barrett, keyboardist Paul Machlis and bassist Ewan McArthur joined Eden for their second studio album Fire & Rain, released in 1995. Allmusic's Ned Raggett found the new line-up's music to be "a less eclectic but no less intriguing sonic palette, extending the goth/psych tendencies of Bowley's particular muse to their logical conclusions."[7]

Eden Re-Formed[edit]

Eden re-formed in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. In 2017 members include Sean Bowley, Andrew Kutzer and Matthew Sigley. After a year of live performances in Australia, Eden are currently recording an LP of new material slated for release in June 2017. The LP launch is scheduled to occur at Gottik-Wave-Treffen GWT in Leipzig, Germany where Eden will perform with a showcase of bands including The Mission, Skinny Puppy and And The Girl Past http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/english/bands.php


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