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Edgar Papu or Edgard I. Pappu (Bucharest, 13/26 September 1908 – 30 March 1993) was a Romanian scholar of literature and professor. He is notable for the coining of the term protochronism (Romanian protochronismul) in 1974, and for assisting development of this nationalist-literary-historical concept during the Ceaucescu regime.[1]


  1. ^ Steven G. Ellis, Lud'a Klusáková - Imagining frontiers, contesting identities 2007, (1995) Page 410 "The term 'protochronism' first appeared in a article of literary critic Edgar Papu in 1974. His article, “Romanian Protochronism”, argued that contrary to views widespread in Romania, the literary tradition was not largely inspired by western forms but was highly original. Romanian literary creations had often anticipated creative developments in the west (such as surrealism, dadaism), even though these anticipations had often not been acknowledged as such. "