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Edison Electric Band was a Philadelphia band of the 1970s. It was led by Mark T. Jordan [1] and featured bass player Freebo, who later played for Bonnie Raitt's band.[2] Jordan was writer for Raitt's 1977 single "Two Lives".[3]


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  2. ^ Kristin Baggelaar, Donald Milton - Folk Music: More Than a Song 1976 -- Page 307 "... with ex-Edison Electric Band (another local Philadelphia group, which she had met on a return engagement at the Second Fret) bass player Dan "Freebo" Friedberg, who has played as a member of her entourage throughout the seventies."
  3. ^ Mark Bego Bonnie Raitt: Still in the Nick of Time 2002 p67 " Mark Jordan, of Freebo's old Philadelphia group, the Edison Electric Band, contributed the beautiful ballad "Two Lives." "