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Edith Mary Ann Michell (née Tapsell) (c. July 1872 in Croydon, Surrey – 18 October 1951 in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex)[1] was an English female chess master.

At the beginning of her career, she twice won Redhill Chess Club championships in 1906 and 1909.[2] More than two decades later, she became the three times winner of the British Women's Chess Championship in 1931 (jointly), 1932, and 1935.[3]

She took 4th at Meran 1924 (unofficial European women’s championship, Helene Cotton and Edith Holloway won).[4] She tied for 4-5th at London 1927 (the 1st Women's World Chess Championship) and took 4th at Folkestone 1933 (the 4th Women's World Chess Championship), both won by Vera Menchik.[5]

She was the wife of Reginald Pryce Michell.


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