Edmonton Composting Facility

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Edmonton Composting Facility

The Edmonton Composting Facility is the site of the City of Edmonton's co-composting system for processing organic waste. Co-composting involves mixing household waste with biosolids (sewage sludge), and using microrganisms to break them down into simple compost. Together with the city's three recycling programs, Edmonton was able to divert 60% of household waste from landfills in 2009. By 2013, the city anticipated that it would divert more than 90% of household waste from landfills.[1]


The co-composter is the largest in North America by volume and capacity. It can process 200,000 tonnes (220,000 tons) of residential waste and 25,000 tonnes (25,000 long tons; 28,000 short tons) (dry) of biosolids each year. It is also the largest stainless steel building in North America. It occupies an area the size of eight Canadian football fields: 38,690 square metres (416,500 square feet).


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