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Edmund Booz (1824–1870) was an American distiller and manufacturer of the Log Cabin Whiskey bottle.

Early Life[edit]

Edmund Booz was born in 1824 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His parents were William and Alice Green Hewson Booz, both of them born in Bucks County. His father, William, was a small landowner and farmer.


Edmund migrated to the city of Philadelphia when he was young and opened the E G Booz Distillery in 1840.

Edmund Booz was selling his whiskey from a storefront at 120 Walnut Street to liquor merchants and tavern owners throughout the Delaware Valley. The Whitney Glass Works had a retail office in Philadelphia next door to him at 118 Walnut Street where the glass for the Log Cabin Bottles was produced.


Edmund Booz married Catherine, a woman 12 years his junior who had been born in Philadelphia. They had two sons, Charles, born in 1857 and Andrew, born the following year.


Edmund Booz died young, only 46 years old in 1870. He was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Buried with him is his son, Charles, a railroad conductor, who died at only 30 years of age in 1883.


Original bottles of Edmund's brand fetch some of the highest prices of whiskey in America.[citation needed]