Eduard Dämel

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Eduard Dämle

Eduard C. F. Dämel also Damel, Daemel (1821 - 3 September 1900) was a German entomologist. Dämel was an insect dealer in Hamburg

He spent the years 1867-1874 in Queensland, Australia where he collected insects and other natural history material (including botanical specimens for his dealership Australia and for the Museum Godeffroy.Dämel was the agent for Jacob Boll a Swiss born entomologist who lived in Texas. Boll supplied insects from the South-west U.S.A and Northwest Mexico.

Dämel and another Hamburg entomologist working in Australia Amalie Dietrich collected the butterflies described by Georg Semper in Beitrag zur Rhopalocerenfauna von Australien. J. Mus. Godeffroy 14: 138-194, pls 8, 9 (1878)


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