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Eduardo Gómez

Eduardo Gómez (born 27 July 1951) is a Spanish actor who was born in Alicante, Spain.

Gómez began acting late in life. In his early forties, he was accompanying a friend to a shooting. The production team persuaded him to say a few phrases to the camera. Andrés Pajares, a comedian and actor, saw him during the production and asked him whether he acted. Gómez answered that he was not an actor but if he paid him, he would act. Of the experience, Gómez has said, "The next day I went, he paid me and to this day! [...] What has happened to me doesn't happen to many people. I'm very happy."[1]

He went on to perform in small parts in Spanish television and cinema, including parts in the Goya Award-winning movies La comunidad and La lengua de las mariposas. He later appeared in a sequel of Santiago Segura's Torrente series, Torrente 3: El Protector. He also had a part in the movie version of the legendary Spanish comic strip Mortadelo y Filemón.

He was cast in the part of Emilio's father in the hit Spanish comedy Aquí no hay quien viva. Originally a small, recurring role, Gómez joined the regular cast after the first series and his character of Mariano is now widely recognized in Spain.

Gómez has one son from a previous marriage who is an actor. He is reportedly living with a long-time female partner and is very happy with their relationship.[2]

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