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Edward Acevedo
Member of the Illinois House of Representatives
from the 2nd district
Assumed office
Personal details
Born (1963-07-23) July 23, 1963 (age 53)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Political party Democratic

Edward "Eddie" Acevedo (born July 23, 1963) is a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives, representing the 2nd district since 1995.

Early life[edit]

Acevedo was born and raised in Chicago. He earned his associate degree in general studies from City-Wide College. Acevedo is a police officer for the Chicago Police Department, and he was decorated for heroism and valor by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for rescuing victims trapped in a fire.

State Representative[edit]

Acevedo was first elected State Representative in 1997. Recently, Acevedo was re-elected Co-Chair of the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus for state legislators and Co-Chair of the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation. He was the first Latino appointed to his position of Assistant Majority Leader.

Acevedo serves on nine committees: Appropriations for Elementary and Secondary Education; Broadband Infrastructure; Executive; Financial Institutions; International Trade and Commerce; Pay Day Loans; Pension Fund Management Procurement; Registration and Regulation; and Telecommunications.


In 2008 Acevedo received about $25,000 from an electrical contractor that has won millions of dollars in government work — a deal Acevedo has never reported on his ethics statements. Acevedo was accused by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich of holding a city job while also collecting a state paycheck as a lawmaker, along with nine other Chicago Democrats.[1] However, Acevedo said he took unpaid leave from his job as a police officer when he went to Springfield on legislative business.[1]

Election results[edit]

Office for Illinois House of Representatives for the 2nd District
Year Winner Votes Pct Opponent Votes Pct
1998 Democratic Primary [2] Edward Acevedo 3490 50.93% Gilmo Gomez
Linda Johnson
1998 General [3] Edward Acevedo 7019 100% No Challenger
2000 Democratic Primary [4] Edward Acevedo 4270 100% No Challenger
2000 General [5] Edward Acevedo 11444 100% No Challenger
2002 Democratic Primary [6] Edward Acevedo 8543 100% No Challenger
2002 General [7] Edward Acevedo (Democrat) 11037 83.18% George Preski (Republican) 2232 16.82%
2004 Democratic Primary [8] Edward Acevedo 7901 100% No Challenger
2004 General [9] Edward Acevedo 14384 100% No Challenger
2006 Democratic Primary [10] Edward Acevedo 6062 73.19% Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez 2220 26.81%
2006 General [11] Edward Acevedo 12001 100% No Challenger
2008 Democratic Primary [12] Edward Acevedo 8172 71.01% Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez 3337 28.99%
2008 General [13] Edward Acevedo (Democrat) 16327 82.88% Ante "Tony" Marijan (Green) 3372 17.12%
2010 Democratic Primary [14] Edward Acevedo 4278 57.80% Robert Martinez
Josip "Joe" Trutin
Richard G. Schultz
2012 Democratic Primary [15] Edward Acevedo 3458 54.72% Cuahutémoc 'Temoc' Morfin
Josip "Joe" Trutin

Voting history[edit]


Voted for[16] a bill that allows for minors to obtain abortions without family or judicial notification by seeking counseling with a licensed medical counseling professional.

Voted against[16] a bill that allows stem cell research but prohibits human cloning.

Business and consumers[edit]

Did not vote [16] on a bill that requires thirty-three percent of an electric utility company's customers be able to use a different electric utility company in order for the electric utility company to remain competitive and prevents current electric utility rates from rising.

Voted for [16] a bill that prohibits smoking in public places. Prohibits smoking in public places, places of employment, and governmental vehicles. Requires "No Smoking" signs to be posted in each public place and place of employment where smoking is prohibited. Requires ashtrays to be removed from any area where smoking is prohibited. Prohibits smoking in student dormitories, including, but not limited to, sleeping rooms, dining areas, restrooms, laundry areas, lobbies, and hallways, of a building used in whole or in part as a student dormitory that is owned and operated or otherwise utilized by a public or private institution of higher education.

Sponsored and Voted for [17] House Bill HB429 which as of June 1, 2008, will strip Illinois wine buyers of the right to buy wine from out-of-state wine stores.[18]


Did not vote[16] on bill HJRCA 28. The bill would allow a recall election by which voters can remove an elected official from office. It would require that citizens would have 160 days after filing a request for recall to collect petitions from 12% of the people who voted in the last election if they wanted to remove an elected official.

Electronic Eavesdropping[edit]

Voted against HB 3944 which would have amended the electronic eavesdropping act to permit citizens to make recordings of a police officer “who is performing a public duty in a public place and any other person who is having a conversation with that law enforcement officer if the conversation is at a volume audible to the unassisted ear of the person who is making the recording.”

Eminent domain[edit]

Voted against[16] a bill that prohibits the use of eminent domain to acquire property for private ownership or control unless the acquisition is primarily for the benefit, use, or enjoyment of the public and is necessary for a public purpose. The bill states that unless proven otherwise, the use of eminent domain for private ownership or control of blighted areas, as defined, or by private utilities and railroads for any purpose meets these tests. The bill also requires the payment of reasonable relocation costs to individuals displaced by an eminent domain action. The bill also makes numerous other adjustments to eminent domain laws.


Sponsored' House Bill 2971, which would remove language in Illinois law which says that new nuclear plants can not be built until a solution for storing tons of radioactive waste is found. Lifting the 20-year-old moratorium on the construction of new nuclear facilities in Illinois.[19]

Energy relief for consumers[edit]

Voted for [16] a bill that requires Illinois electric suppliers to grant consumers an electricity relief package. Grants ComEd and Ameren customers $976 in relief from 2007 to 2010 (Sec. 16-111.5A).


Voted 'NO' to several firearm bills that would let law-abiding citizens protect themselves with a firearm. e.g. HB-148-The Family and Personal Protection Act (Which has been endorsed by the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association)& HR0550-Firearm Public Awareness, but Mr. Acevedo carries a firearm to protect himself and his family. Voted 'yes' to several safety bills to crack down on individuals who sell firearms without a license.


Did not vote[20] on HB 5285 a bill that would allow for the extending parental health insurance to unmarried dependents.


Voted for [16] a bill that allows the Secretary of State to issue driver's certificates to an applicant who is an immigrant residing in this State, is ineligible to obtain a social security number, and is ineligible to receive a driver's license.

Property Taxes[edit]

Did not vote[21] on HB 4201 which would create a property tax exemption for disabled veterans.


Voted to concur[22] with the Governor's amendment which proposed that any fixed route public transportation services provided by the Chicago Transit Authority, the Commuter Rail Board, the Suburban Bus Board, all Local Mass Districts, and certain participants in the Downstate Public Transportation Fund shall be provided without charge to senior citizens aged 65 and older, subject to certain residency requirements and under conditions determined by the transit board.

Voted 'yes' [23] to fund the Regional Transportation Authority through the motor fuel tax. This bill redirects 80 percent of the revenue collected from the 6.25 percent tax on motor fuel in the six Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) counties (Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will) to the Public Transportation Fund [sec. 4.09 (a)(2)].

Voted 'yes' [24] to pass a bill that amends the Regional Transportation Authority Act by increasing the rate of taxes the Authority is allowed to impose and requiring the Authority to provide oversight of the Service Boards. This bill also designates funds for the support and improvement of public transportation. - Allows the City of Chicago to impose a real estate transfer tax of up to $1.50 per $500 of value [Sec. 3-2.3(E)]. - Allows for a 0.25% increase in the sales tax in the Chicago metropolitan area [Sec. 4.03(e-g)]. - Outlines the distribution of tax revenues to various Service Boards (Sec. 4.03.3).

Veteran Affairs[edit]

Did not vote[21] on HB 4201 which would create a property tax exemption for disabled veterans.


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