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Edward Bracher was a pioneering Victorian photographer based in Oxford, England.[1]

Edward Bracher had photographic premises at 26 High Street, Oxford from 1852 to 1863.[2][3] He worked mainly on portraits and commissioned landscapes, advertising as the "Oxford University Portrait Rooms" with "Portraits takes on Ivory, Paper, and Glass" as well as "Gentlemen's Mansions & Churches Photographed".[4] Bracher lived over the premises with his wife and two children.[5]

Henry Taunt, later another well-known photographer, joined Bracher at the age of 14 as a member of staff in 1856.[6] In 1863, Bracher sold his business to the Oxford booksellers and stationers, Wheeler and Day.[7] The business transferred to 106 High Street, but Henry Taunt stayed at the original premises as photographic manager for a brief period.[5]


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