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Edward John Michael Bramson (born March 1951)[1] is the chief executive officer and principal at Sherborne & Company Incorporated,[2] described as an "activist investor" and "corporate raider". Bramson launched his first private equity firm, Hillside Capital,[3] in New York in 1977, and launched Sherborne Investors as a "turnaround investment firm" in 2003.[4]

Bramson has developed a distinctive modus operandi. He "typically" buys a sizeable stake, demands a seat on the board, and then pushes "for cost-cuts, payouts to shareholders and other changes that boost returns".[5] Bramson's funds are estimated to have generated average annual returns of 22.8% in recent years.[6] Among the companies targeted by Sherborne have been Electra Private Equity,[7][8][9] and investment company Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust.[10]

On 19 March 2018 Sherborne Investment Management announced that it had acquired the voting rights to 5.16% of Barclays shares effectively making Sherborne the bank's fourth largest shareholder behind the Capital Group, the Qatar Investment Authority and Blackrock.[11] Sherborne's investment came after Barclays had announced a string of losses in the previous year including a £1.9 billion net loss on Payment Protection Insurance settlements and a £2.5 billion write-off of its African Business.[12] As of August 2020 Sherborne's stake in Barclays stood at 5.9%.[13]

In April 2019, Sherborne Investors LP wrote to Barclays shareholders asking for their support in its request to vote Mr. Bramson onto Barclays PLC's board as a non-executive director[14]. Central to this request was Sherborne's contention that Barclays' Corporate and Investment Bank ("CIB") under-performed peers producing a -29% total return while UK comparables returned +3% and other CIB peers returned +74%.[14]

In May 2019, Barclays' shareholders voted against Bramson joining the board (only 12.8% of shareholders backed his proposal).[15]

Bramson was born in Paddington, London to a British mother and American father and emigrated to New York in 1975.[16]


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