Edward R. Straznicky

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Edward R. Straznicky (Moravia, Austria 1820 – New York City, 9 February 1876) was superintendent of the Astor Library 1872-1876.


He was educated at the University of Vienna, taking degrees in the departments of medicine and philosophy, and acquired by travel a familiar knowledge of modern languages. During the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 he served as an officer in the Hungarian Revolutionary Army. After the defeat of the nationalists he was exiled, and his property was confiscated.

After a brief residence in England, Straznicky went to the United States, and found employment as a merchant in Philadelphia. In 1859 he became an assistant librarian in the Astor Library in New York City, and in 1872 he was elected superintendent, an office he held until he died.

Straznicky was also secretary of the American Geographical Society.