Edwards River (Illinois)

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Edwards River
Basin features
Main source Burns Township, Henry County, west of Kewanee, Illinois
41°15′15″N 89°58′46″W / 41.2542036°N 89.9795548°W / 41.2542036; -89.9795548 (Edwards River origin)
River mouth Confluence with the Mississippi River south of New Boston, Illinois
538 ft (164 m)
41°08′54″N 90°58′54″W / 41.1483669°N 90.981533°W / 41.1483669; -90.981533 (Edwards River mouth)Coordinates: 41°08′54″N 90°58′54″W / 41.1483669°N 90.981533°W / 41.1483669; -90.981533 (Edwards River mouth)
Progression Edwards River → Mississippi → Gulf of Mexico
Physical characteristics
Length 74 mi (119 km)
GNIS ID 407805

The Edwards River is a 73.7-mile-long (118.6 km)[1] tributary of the Mississippi River in northwestern Illinois in the United States.[2] It rises 3 miles (5 km) west of Kewanee in southeastern Henry County and flows generally westwardly into Mercer County, where it joins the Mississippi 2 miles (3 km) southeast of New Boston. In Henry County it collects the South Edwards River, which flows past Bishop Hill.

The river was once home to a grain mill near Andover, Illinois. Several sections of the Edwards River's course have been straightened and channelized.

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