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Edwin Raymond Corley (1931-1981) was a United States novelist most famous for his thrillers Sargasso and Air Force One. He used the pseudonyms "David Harper", "William Judson" and worked with novelist Jack Murphy, using the pseudonym "Patrick Buchanan" (unrelated to Patrick Buchanan, the politician of the same name).

As "Patrick Buchanan", Corley and Murphy wrote a series of novels (A Murder of Crows, 1970; A Parliament of Owls, 1971; A Requiem of Sharks, 1973; and A Sounder of Swine, 1974) featuring the character Charity Tucker, a tall, blonde, intelligent television reporter, who teamed with private investigator Ben Shock to investigate various murders.[1]

Corley's Hollywood-centered and partly factual novel, Shadows (1975), was the first work of fiction to feature Dorothy Parker appearing as herself. Other major characters are William Randolph Hearst, his paramour Marion Davies, and Vivien Leigh.[2]


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