Edwin Foster Coddington

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IC 2574 is commonly known as Coddington's Nebula after the American astronomer Edwin Coddington, who discovered it in 1898.[1]
Asteroids discovered: 3
439 Ohio October 13, 1898
440 Theodora October 13, 1898
445 Edna October 2, 1899

Edwin Foster Coddington (June 24, 1870–December 21, 1950) was an American astronomer.

He co-discovered the comet C/1898 L1 (Coddington-Pauly), also known by the older designation Comet 1898 VII. He also discovered a few asteroids, and the galaxy IC 2574 in Ursa Major, which later became known as "Coddington's Nebula".[2]


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