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Egenera, Inc. is a multinational cloud manager and data center infrastructure automation company with corporate headquarters in Boxborough, Massachusetts in the United States. Egenera develops and sells software that enables enterprises and service providers to virtualize their computing infrastructure and create highly available private, hybrid or public cloud services. Egenera also provides consulting and training services related to its products and technologies. Egenera is a privately held company with approximately 110 employees. Founded in March 2000, the company was named by Network World as one of the top 10 startups to watch in 2002[1] and was a winner in the annual "Red Herring 100 North America" award given by Red Herring magazine in 2006.[2]

Egenera maintains overseas headquarters in the United Kingdom, Japan and Hong Kong.


Egenera was founded by Vern Brownell in March 2000. Prior to Egenera, he spent 11 years as chief technology officer for the financial firm Goldman Sachs Group in New York.[3] Under Mr. Brownell's leadership, Egenera pioneered the Processing Area Network (PAN) which is designed to virtualize and interconnect computing, storage and network resources, creating shared pools that can be centrally managed. Mr. Brownell conceived of the idea for PAN based on his experiences with growing data center complexity at Goldman Sachs.[4]

The company launched its first product, the Egenera BladeFrame, in October, 2001. BladeFrame is a combination of bladed servers, fabric backplane, firmware and management software.

In October, 2006, Egenera announced its plan to create a separate line of business in order to make its virtualization management software, called PAN Manager, available under OEM agreement to other server vendors.[5]

In December 2012, Egenera acquired Fort Technologies [6] who was a developer of cloud management software. That software was integrated with Egenera PAN Manager and PAN Domain Manager and became PAN Cloud Director.[7] The three products combined are the Egenera Cloud Suite.[8]

Egenera has received numerous patents for its technology, including the Processing Area Network, N+1 disaster recovery and virtualized server failover technology.[9]

OEM partners[edit]

As of 2013, Egenera has OEM agreements with the following vendors:

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