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Egg Island is an uninhabited island, officially an islet, comprising 800 m2 (8,611 sq ft) in the Bahamas. It's so named because it is home to chickens owned by residents of other nearby islands who travel here to collect the eggs.

The island has a crescent shaped beach that is protected by a reef that protects the entire beach. The water behind the reef is generally less than 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) deep making it a good place to swim or watch the sea life. Since the water is so shallow and well protected, it tends to be warmer than the surrounding sea.

Egg Island gained some fame in the 1980s when Arne Molander claimed that this was the first island where Columbus landed in his 1492 voyage to the New World.[1][2][3]

Off the island is the wreck of the Arimoroa.[4][5]


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Coordinates: 25°29′N 76°53′W / 25.483°N 76.883°W / 25.483; -76.883