Egil Holmsen

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Egil Holmsen
Born(1917-02-15)February 15, 1917
DiedMay 30, 1990(1990-05-30) (aged 73)
  • Actor
  • director
  • screenwriter
  • author
  • journalist
Years active1941-1985
RelativesSverre Holmsen (brother)

Egil Sophus Severen Holmsen (February 15, 1917 – May 30, 1990) was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, journalist, author and actor.[1] He was the younger brother of author Sverre Holmsen.


Holmsen initially worked as a journalist until he transitioned into the film industry as an actor. He debuted in Alf Sjöberg's Home from Babylon in 1941. He continued to work as an actor during the 1940s, until he began to direct and write scrips for various major production companies. In 1947, he debuted as a director with The Battle for the Coffee and as a screenwriter with City in the South. Holmsen followed with three coming-of-age films in the 1950s, Dangerous Curve in 1952, followed by Marianne and Speedfever in 1953. All three films depicted young teenagers in the criminal underworld of Stockholm.[2]

Holmsen was heavily criticized after the release of Marianne, as it explored themes considered taboo at the time such as teenage sex, drugs and lesbian love. His next film Speedfever was also panned as it depicted crime and gay prostitution, which also caused it to be heavily censored. Holmsen's spree of controversial films did not end, as his following film, The Horse Handler's Girls, contained a provocative end scene featuring incest. It was his last feature film as a director.[3]

During the 1950s to the 1970s, Holmsen continued writing scripts, particularly for several housewife films. Holmsen then revived his acting career in 1972 starring in the adult film Swedish Wildcats. He later starred in Champagne Gallop (1975), The Brothers Lionheart (1977), Dante - watch out for the Shark! (1978) and the TV show Stakeout (1983), which became his last role.[4]

Holmsen began to write novels in the 1980s. His bibliography comprises Explosives (1981), Inheritance (1982) and In Goddesses Womb (1985).[5]


As an actor[edit]

Year English Title Swedish Title Role
1941 Home from Babylon Hem från Babylon
1941 Mrs. Wildcat Fröken Vildkatt Man at Thomas' birthday party
1942 Stinsen på Lyckås Stinsen på Lyckås John
1942 Sun over Klara Sol över Klara Troublemaker
1942 One Does Not Forgot Man glömmer Ingenting Art school student
1942 Bleeding Hearts' Löjtnantshjärtan Johan Blom
1942 A Trallande Lass En trallande jänta Editor Lundberg
1942 Doctor Glass Doktor Glas Student
1942 It's My Music Det är min musik Party guest
1942 Life in the Countryside Livet på landet Young man
1944 A Daughter Born En dotter född Johnny, young man
1945 Girls on the Port Flickor i hamn Third mate
1972 Swedish Wildcats Swedish Wildcats
1975 Champagne Gallop Champagnegalopp
1977 The Brothers Lionheart Bröderna Lejonhjärta Tengil's man
1978 Dante - Watch out for the shark Dante - akta're för Hajen! Police officer
1983 Stakeout (TV series) Spanarna Alvar Bergholm

As a director[edit]

Year English Title Swedish Title
1948 The Textilres Textilarna
1952 Dangerous Curve Farlig kurva
1953 Marianne Marianne
1953 Speed Fever Fartfeber
1954 The Horse Handler's Girls Hästhandlarens flickor

As a screenwriter[edit]

Year English Title Swedish Title
1952 Dangerous Curve Farlig kurva
1953 Speed Fever Fartfeber
1971 What do they have in the bank? Va' har dom för sej i banken?


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