Egino (Bishop of Dalby)

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Sculpture of Egino in Dalby Heligkorskyrka

Egino (died 1072) was the only bishop of Dalby in Scania, from 1060 to 1066. He was ordained by archbishop Adalbert of Hamburg-Bremen. The bishopric was separated from Roskilde in 1060, when the church in Denmark was reorganized in nine episcopal sees, but practically united with the see of Lund in 1066, after the death of bishop Henry of Lund, who had been suffragan to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Thereby all of Terra Scania was subordinated to Hamburg-Bremen.

Egino initiated the erection of a stone church in Dalby, the first in Scandinavia, and is known to have visited Rome in 1071. Egino is also known as a successful missionary in Bornholm and Blekinge.