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Egyptian Bridge showing sphinx chimera and sign

Egyptian Bridge (Египетский мост) in St. Petersburg, Russia, carries Lermontovsky Avenue (Лермонтовский проспект) over the Fontanka River.

The one-span suspension bridge that it replaced was of historical interest as a monument to early 19th-century Egyptomania. It was constructed in 1825-1826 based on designs by two civil engineers, Von Traitteur and Christianowicz. Its granite abutments were topped with cast-iron sphinxes and hexagonal lanterns. An unusual feature was a pair of cast-iron gates featuring Egyptian-style columns, ornaments, and hieroglyphics, with many details of the ironwork elaborately gilded.

The 1905 collapse

The original bridge, used by both pedestrians and horse-drawn transport, collapsed on 20 January 1905 when a cavalry squadron was marching across it. The present structure, incorporating sphinxes and several other details from the 19th-century bridge, was completed in 1955.

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Coordinates: 59°55′01″N 30°17′51″E / 59.91694°N 30.29750°E / 59.91694; 30.29750