Eidgenössischer Stutzer 1851

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Eidgenössischer Stutzer 1851
Stutzer 1851.jpg
Eidgenössischer Stutzer 1851 (Breechloader model 1867)
TypeService rifle
Place of originSwitzerland
Service history
In service1851 – c. 1863
Used bySwiss Army
Production history
ManufacturerBeuret Frères à Liège and private manufacturers
No. built6,400
VariantsM1867 breechloader refit
Mass4500 g
Length1260 mm
Barrel length813 mm

Caliber10.5 mm
Feed systemMuzzleloader
SightsIron sights (Quadrantenvisier)

The Eidgenössischer Stutzer 1851 (English: Federal Carbine 1851), also called Feldstutzer 1851, was the first service rifle used by the Swiss armed forces to be procured by the federal government, which was responsible for the armament of the Cantonal armed forces under the 1848 federal constitution. It was also the first military weapon in Europe to use the smaller 10.5 mm caliber (later reduced to 10.4 mm) instead of the prior de facto standard of 18 mm.

The Stutzer was refitted with a Milbank Amsler breechloading system (à tabatière) in 1867. It was replaced by the Repetiergewehr Vetterli, Modell 1869/70 in 1869.


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