Eiffel I'm in Love

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Eiffel I'm in Love
Eiffel I'm in Love.jpg
Directed by Nasri Cheppy
Produced by Raam Soraya
Sunil Soraya
Written by Rachmania Arunita
Starring Samuel Rizal
Shandy Aulia
Yogi Finanda
Titi Kamal
Didi Petet
Hilda Arifin
Music by Melly Goeslaw
Anto Hoed
Edited by Dewi S. Alibasah
Sastha Sunu
Distributed by Soraya Intercine Film PT
Release date
November 21, 2003
Country Indonesia Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Box office US$6.4 million

Eiffel I'm in Love is a 2003 Indonesian teen romantic comedy film directed by was Nasri Cheppy. The film stars Samuel Rizal and Shandy Aulia as the main characters, the film adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name by Rachmania Arunita. Other people appearing in the film include Titi Kamal, Helmy Yahya, Didi Petet, and Hilda Arifin.

The movie won an award for "Most Favorite Movie" and nomination for "Best Movie" at the 2004 MTV Indonesia Movie Awards.



Based on the book with the same title, Eiffel I'm in Love tells the story about a teenage girl, Tita (Shandy Aulia), who led a perfect life. She had a lovely family, a patient boyfriend and 2 best friends who are always by her side. However, her mother was overly protective towards her and she is not allowed to go out. Her life completely changes when her parents good friend and his son, Adit (Samuel Rizal), came from France to stay with them. Tita was supposed to pick both of them from the airport. However, she waited at the wrong terminal and only realized that when Adit accidentally bumped into her and asked her whether she was the one who supposed to picked him and his father up. Adit was very cold to Tita from the start, however, her parents saw him as a reliable man and trust him to take care of their daughter. Things became worse when Adit told Tita that their parents were planning to match make them.

Extended version[edit]

This film has an extended version, to review the story in this film in more depth.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Awards Category Recipients Result
2004 MTV Indonesia Movie Awards Most Favorite Movie Eiffel I'm in Love Won
Best Movie Nominated
Most Favorite Actor Samuel Rizal Won
Most Favorite Actress Shandy Aulia Nominated
Best Song in Movie Melly Goeslaw (featuring Jimmo) – "Pujaanku" (Eiffel I'm in Love) Nominated
Best Crying Scene Shandy Aulia Nominated
Best Director Nasri Cheppy Nominated

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