Eight Frames a Second

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Eight Frames a Second
Ralph McTell Eight Frames a Second.jpg
Studio album by
Ralph McTell
ReleasedFebruary 1968
RecordedOctober 1967
GenreFolk, folk rock, country blues
ProducerGus Dudgeon
Ralph McTell chronology
Eight Frames a Second
Spiral Staircase

Eight Frames a Second is the debut album by British folk musician Ralph McTell. Released in the UK in 1968, it is notable for being the first record produced by Gus Dudgeon, and the first arranged by Tony Visconti.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Ralph McTell, except where noted.

  1. "Nanna's Song"
  2. "The Mermaid and the Seagull"
  3. "Hesitation Blues" (Trad. arr. Ralph McTell)
  4. "Are You Receiving Me?"
  5. "Morning Dew" (Bonnie Dobson arranged Fred Neil)
  6. "Sleepytime Blues"
  7. "Eight Frames a Second"
  8. "Willoughby's Farm"
  9. "Louise"
  10. "Blind Blake's Rag" (Trad. arr. Ralph McTell)
  11. "I'm Sorry - I Must Leave"
  12. "Too Tight Drag" (Blind Blake)
  13. "Granny Takes a Trip" (Geoff Boyer, Joe Beard)


  • Ralph McTell - guitar, vocals
  • Mac McGann - double neck guitar
  • Mick "Henry VIII" Bartlett - jug
  • "Whispering Mick" Bennett - washboard
  • Bob Strawbridge - mandolin
  • Tony Visconti - arrangements and musical direction

Production credits[edit]

  • Producer: Groove Productions (Gus Dudgeon)
  • Photography: Bobby Davidson

Awards and accolades[edit]

Ralph McTell was presented with a Gold Disc of "Eight Frames a Second" during his 60th birthday concert at the Royal Festival Hall in November, 2004.[1]

Release history[edit]

Country Date Label Format Catalogue Notes
United Kingdom 1968 Transatlantic LP TRA165 Mono
United States 1969 Capitol LP ST240 Remixed to stereo
Canada 1969 Capitol LP ST240 Remixed to stereo
South Africa 1975 Logo LP LGD6001 Record 2 of 2-LP set "2 Originals of Ralph McTell"
France 1978 Transatlantic LP TRA89554/5 Record 1 of 2-LP set. Record 2 is "Spiral Staircase"
Australia 1980 Transatlantic/
7 Records
United Kingdom 2007 Transatlantic CD TRRCD400 'Expanded Edition' with four previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Many of the tracks on this album also feature in the "Spiral Staircase - Classic Songs" compilation.

Track variations[edit]

The LP released in South Africa in 1975 omits "Nanna's Song", "The Mermaid and the Seagull" and "Hesitation Blues", that are included on Record 1 of the 2-LP set.[2]

The UK 2007 CD release includes four bonus tracks:[3]

14. "Suzanne" (Leonard Cohen) (1)
15. "I Love My Baby" (Trad. arr. Ralph McTell) (2)
16. "Boodle Am Shake" (Trad. arr. Ralph McTell) (2)
17. "San Francisco Bay Blues" (Jesse Fuller) (3)

(1) From the original album recording sessions
(2) Live concert recording from 1967
(3) Demo recording with Rick Wakeman (piano).


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