Einar Gerhardsens plass

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Coordinates: 59°54′54.89″N 10°44′48.12″E / 59.9152472°N 10.7467000°E / 59.9152472; 10.7467000

Einar Gerhardsens plass in Oslo

Einar Gerhardsens plass is a town square between the three government buildings S Block, R4, and Høyblokka in Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo. The street Grubbegata passes through the square.[1]

The square was named in 1997 after Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen.


Closeup of the entrance to Einar Gerhardsens plass 1 
Einar Gerhardsens plass 1, housing the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Ministry of Trade and Industry 


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