Einar Westye Egeberg, Sr.

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Einar Westye Egeberg, Sr.

Einar Westye Egeberg Sr. (23 July 1851 – 7 June 1940) was a Norwegian businessperson and politician for the Conservative Party.

Personal life[edit]

He was born in Kristiania as a son of Peder Cappelen Egeberg (1810–1874) and Hanna Wilhelmine Scheel.[1] He was a brother of Ferdinand Julian Egeberg, first cousin of physician Theodor Christian Egeberg, a grandson of Westye Egeberg and a nephew of Westye Martinus Egeberg, surgeon Christian Egeberg and composer Fredrikke Egeberg. Through his brother he was an uncle of Westye Parr Egeberg, and through a sister he was a granduncle of Ferdinand Finne.[2]

In September 1877 in Østre Aker he married Birgitte Halvordine Schou, a daughter of Halvor Schou.[1] His own daughter Hermine Egeberg was married to Lord Chamberlain Peder Anker Wedel Jarlsberg.[2] In turn, a daughter of theirs married diplomat Peter Martin Anker.[3]


He is best known as the co-owner of the family company Westye Egeberg & Co, founded by his grandfather.[2] He was hired in the company in 1867, and in 1874 he took over the company from his father together with his brother Ferdinand. He acquired burghership in Kristiania in 1882.[1]

He was a member of the executive committee of Kristiania city council from 1891 to 1894.[1] He was a deputy representative to the Parliament of Norway during the term 1892–1894, representing the urban constituency Kristiania, Hønefoss og Kongsvinger.[4] He was also a board member of Kristiania Port Authority, and chaired Christiania Handelsstands Forening from 1904 to 1908. In 1905 he was declared a lifetime member of the International Law Association.[1] He was also behind the construction (1899–1901) of the Egeberg Castle, which he sold after his wife's death.


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