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The Eista Werf was a shipyard in The Netherlands. Ships were in production in the shipyard between the years 1959 and 1981, including the Doerak motoryacht, the Banjer motorsailer, the Rogger motorsailer and the Krammer motorsailer. Overseas sales of ships produced in the shipyard were handled by Intermarine, Stangate Marine and Impex Enterprise (Thomas Tirion-Reading, PA). The designer of all Eista Werf ships was Dick Lefeber.[1]

Owners of EISTA ships have started clubs. Each club has its own website: the Doerakclub [1], the Rogger Motorsailer Club [2], the Banjer Motorsailer Club [3] and the Krammer Motorsailer Club [4]

External links[edit]

  • Eista Werf website - information concerning the history of the Eista Werf and ships that have been built there.


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