El Burguillo Reservoir

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El Burguillo Reservoir
View of the reservoir
El Burguillo Reservoir is located in Spain
El Burguillo Reservoir
Location of the Burguillo Reservoir
LocationProvince of Ávila
Coordinates40°25′29″N 4°33′59″W / 40.42472°N 4.56639°W / 40.42472; -4.56639Coordinates: 40°25′29″N 4°33′59″W / 40.42472°N 4.56639°W / 40.42472; -4.56639
Opening date1913-01-01
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity dam
Height91 m
Width (base)m
Total capacity208 hm³
Catchment areakm²
Surface area910 ha
Power Station
Installed capacityMW

The El Burguillo Reservoir is located along the Alberche river in the province of Ávila, Spain, between the municipalities of El Tiemblo and El Barraco.

It was inaugurated in 1913 and is the first/highest reservoir along the Alberche river. The water is mostly used for agricultural purposes and to generate electricity. It is managed by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo, which also allows recreational activities in the reservoir, such as bathing, sailing and rowing.

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