El Caney order of battle

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The following units and commanders of the U.S. and Spanish armies fought at the Battle of El Caney during the Spanish–American War on July 1, 1898.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • k = killed
  • m = missing


Fifth Army Corps[edit]

MG William R. Shafter, not present

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

2nd Division[1]
     BG Henry W. Lawton

1st Brigade

   BG William Ludlow

2nd Brigade

   Col Evan Miles

3rd Brigade

   BG Adna R. Chaffee

Independent Brigade (IV Corps)

   BG John C. Bates


IV Corps[edit]

Gen Arsenio Linares, not present

Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Brigade[2]
     Gen Joaquin Vara del Rey, k

  • 29th Battalion Constitution Regiment
  • 55th Battalion Asia Regiment
  • 65th Battalion Cuba Regiment
  • 1st Battalion of Puerto Rico
  • 11th Battalion San Fernando Regiment
  • 1st Squadron Cavalry
  • 4th Squadron Cavalry
  • 6th Battery, 4th Mounted Artillery
  • 1st Train Company

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