The Nail (film)

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For the town in Venezuela, see El Clavo.
The Nail
El clavo.jpg
Spanish film poster
Directed by Rafael Gil
Produced by Alfredo Matas
Written by Rafael Gil
Eduardo Marquina
Starring Amparo Rivelles
Rafael Durán
Juan Espantaleón
Milagros Leal
Joaquín Roa
Irene Caba Alba
José Franco
Music by José Quintero
Cinematography Alfredo Fraile
Edited by Juan Serra
Distributed by CIFESA
Release date
5 October 1944 Spain
30 June 1949 NYC
Running time
99 minutes
Country  Spain
Language Spanish

The Nail (Spanish:El Clavo) is a 1944 Spanish romance drama film directed by Rafael Gil. It is based on the novel of the same title by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón.

Plot summary[edit]

Castile, 19th Century. Judge Joaquín Zarco (Rafael Durán) travel in a stagecoach with a beautiful woman, Blanca (Amparo Rivelles). It is Carnavile. They fall in love but she disappears...


Future filmmaker José Antonio Nieves Conde was the director's assistant.


The movie was a great success upon its release.

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